News Archive from 1947 -'49r

Palestine and Partition

U.N.Approves Palestine Partition, Arab Threat of Uprising Nov 30,47

British Lock Arabs Jews in Walled City --146 Dead

Arabs Attack 7-Bus Convoy; 12 Jews Die Dec 15, 47

Stern Gang hits Jeru hotel-Britain looks to Arab treaties

Jews bomb Jaffa Gate -622 dead since partition Jan 7, 48

Deir Yassin, Kastel April 10, 48

Arab troops decide on War of Attrition, Jewish troops surround Arabs

Arab Armies Converge on Palestine May 2, 48

Jerusalem Truce - AHC leaves - Flight -psychosis- .html

Abdullah warns Jews-May 16 set to invade May 14, 48

Lack of Statesmanship Cause of Arab-Jewish War - Dewitt Mackenzie

Arab Group Ready to Kill Palestine Partition Plan , April 11, 48

48-11-10 Arabs Take Kastel in New Assault - April 11, 48

No Place Left in Israel for Arabs who fled .html